Judgment Enforcement

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  • August 28, 2015
  • shutterstock_121503028You sued and won a judgment, but the debtor is determined not to pay voluntarily. The first step is for you to give us the opportunity to evaluate your case and provide you with a realistic opinion free of charge. Our second step is to leverage our access to the same high-end investigative resources used by financial institutions and law enforcement, which we employ to locate even the most difficult-to-find debtors and debtor assets. Third, once we locate the debtor and the debtor’s assets, we aggressively employ judgment enforcement methods, including action to attach/seize/garnish those assets to enforce your judgment. We generally do this with very short notification to the debtor, so the debtor cannot move or transfer the assets before we attach them. Finally, in instances where debtors move or transfer assets or take other evasive actions, such as hide behind corporations, declare fraudulent bankruptcies, or set up other asset protection structures, we implement all the required procedures to pierce the corporate veil and counteract these attempts at asset protection.